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If You Can't Read It, Don't Eat It: A Quick & Simple Guide to Eating Clean escorts readers to optimal health and wellness through nutrition. Combining the advice and laws around food as outlined in ancient scriptures with modern-day research on topics like food additives, pesticides, and GMOs, a clever and unique definition of what it means to eat clean is presented.

"Easy to read and enjoyable, this is definitely a unique guide to eating the right food that appeals to everyone, and not only to those who are trying to lose weight."

~R. Tanveer


"It delivers what it promises: an accessible and easy-to-follow guide to eating healthy, additive-free food."

~J. Magnus


"Based on personal experience and Bible scriptures, it is a food book like no other."

~M. Beltran

If You Can't Read It, Don't Eat It Book Cover

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